Wendy + Neal’s Backyard Lakeside Wedding

We were honored to be a part of Wendy & Neal’s beautiful backyard celebration. This couple opted to use their own stunning property to host their ceremony & reception, complete with a cruise on a yacht across Lake Norman for cocktail hour! Wendy & Neal’s landscape was transformed into a nautical themed wonderland by the talented Sterling by Design team, complete with perfectly styled blue and pinks hues. Their thoughtful details included monogrammed drink cozies, personalized compass favors for the guests, a canoe filled with cool drinks, hanging tree decor displaying pictures of loved ones passed, an oar for guests to sign, and sailor knots, shells, and anchors galore. Gorgeous bouquets and centerpieces in feminine purples & pinks were provided by the incredibly talented Linkgy Sugg of Flowers by Linkgy. The party continued into the night with a fantastic live band, followed by a fabulous sparkler exit as the couple hopped off the pier and aboard their own yacht, sailing off into the night! We had a wonderful time working with this lovely couple, and we wish them all the best in their lives together! 🙂

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Wendy & Neal's Lake Norman Backyard Wedding in Cornelius, NC by Ellé Imaging Wedding Photography

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