Twins! Jamie + Daniel’s maternity session

In honor of celebrating Evie & Mackenzie’s first birthday (AND getting to photograph it!), I wanted to do a blog of Jamie and Daniel’s sweet, emotional maternity session from February of last year.

This lovely woman was the first friend I made when I moved from Pennsylvania to South Carolina in 2010. From day one Jamie (“Aunt Jamie”) was so loving to my own little boy, and I knew God had given her a special gift of motherhood. Jamie and Daniel faced many trials and heartaches trying to conceive, and I grieved deeply for her struggle and frustration with God’s plan. Through so much turmoil, a huge blessing came when Jamie found out she was pregnant in September of 2012. And THEN found out she was pregnant with not one, but two sweet baby girls! I couldn’t be happier for these two, and their adorable, chubby little angels. God has answered so many prayers in their lives. I’ve never seen anyone so grateful to wake up every two hours for one baby and then another, to be covered in spit up at all times, to have no social life, and to be working the tedious, grueling 24-hours-a-day job we call “mother”. God bless her for seeing it all as the gift that it is.

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